A Day without Laughter is a Day Wasted

Samiir Halady


My tryst with kidney disease began in 2001 when I was diagnosed with MPGN (Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis). Having completed an MBA in marketing from one of the top institutes in Mumbai, I had risen quickly to an important role in my organization. I lost this job overnight, in 2002 after I started dialysis.

I then decided to start my own advertising agency, which ran well for 3-4 years. Due to some erroneous business decisions, it ran into losses and I had to start from scratch. I joined a Digital Agency at a beginner level as that was the best job that came my way. I worked hard and won accolades for the work. I soon rose to be in the strategy function and started reporting directly to the MD of the company.

I managed all this while on late night dialysis, after putting in a full day’s work. Looking back, despite the constraints, one might say, I did well and bagged many prestigious accounts for my organisation. My work at the company has won a few international awards in Digital and Internet Marketing.

For me, being surrounded by nature and going on hiking were always a passion. In 2008 I founded V Hikerz which is presently one of the more active hiking groups in Mumbai, specializing in the Sahyadris. Photography was the other passion, which I pursued and have been very well appreciated for.

By 2013, I had hands on experience in all areas of Digital Marketing Strategy and was well known in the industry. I then decided to venture out by myself and started consulting smaller and mid-sized corporates for their Digital Marketing Requirements.

Juggling a demanding career, my love for hiking, nature photography and my haemodialysis was most definitely tough, but I hung in there and managed to strike a balance for 17 long years.

In June 2019, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I underwent an ABO incompatible kidney transplant, wherein my mother donated a kidney and blessed me a renewed lease of life.

I am now associated with Amar Gandhi Foundation, managed by my nephrologists and I have been driving the activities of the Foundation.

I was very well appreciated for my contribution to helping patients during the COVID Crisis. I single-handedly managed to create a comprehensive set of transport options for patients (not only kidney) to reach hospitals during the lock down. This was done for many cities all over India and managed only by using phone and email.

I have continued peer counselling for others with kidney failure, thus making a huge difference to lives of several kidney patients, all over.

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