Kidney Transplant Patient education workshop for dialysis patients and caregivers in Marathi

Ms. Jaya Jairam speaking about TRIOMPH

On November 23, 2021, Ms. Jaya Jairam conducted a virtual workshop in Marathi, for dialysis patients, caregivers, and dialysis technicians at NephroPlus Dialysis Centers in Maharashtra. 
It is found that due to a lack of appropriate information, the patients and their caregivers are apprehensive about considering a transplant or kidney donation. The purpose of a series of such multi-lingual workshops was to educate and motivate the dialysis patients and their family members to consider a kidney transplant, as it is the only option that helps the patient to regain a good quality of life. 
Ms. Jaya Jairam began by introducing MOHAN Foundation and TRIOMPH – patient support group. She then discussed the various challenges faced by the dialysis patients and shared that there was an opportunity for the patients to lead a normal, good quality life – through a kidney transplant. Thereafter, she shared information on –

  • types of donors – living and deceased
  • who can be a living donor as per the law and what are the criteria?
  • tests for matching the donor and recipient
  • legal approval procedures
  • options in living donation if the potential donor and recipient do not match
  • what is deceased organ donation?
  • process for registering on the waiting list, rules of registration, organ allocation law
  • what to expect after registering on the waiting list?
  • where to approach for financial help?

Lastly, she shared about the quality of life after a transplant and introduced two special guests – Mr.Samiir Halady (a kidney recipient) and Mrs. Vinaya Halady (who donated one of her kidneys to her son, Samir). Mr. Halady shared that inspite of the multiple challenges posed by his deteriorating health condition and inspite of being on dialysis, how he embraced life as it came and yet pursued activities that he loved – such as hiking and photography. After 17 years on dialysis, his mother could donate her kidney to him. He also shared a glimpse of his life after transplant – freedom from food and fluid restrictions, ability to focus back on a career, and pursing hobbies.

Mrs. Vinaya Halady was then invited to share what went through her mind and she shared with all that she had no fear and knew that she just had to do this for her own son. Once the doctors had cleared her for kidney donation, she happily went ahead. After 4 days of hospitalization, she was discharged and began attending to her own duties gradually. She also shared that she had no restrictions on food or travel and that she lead a good life without any health problems. A full recording of the video is available at

This was followed by a question and answer session in which one of the audiences, whose husband was on dialysis and who was considering donating her kidney, mentioned that her husband had undergone angioplasty and under those circumstances, could he undergo a transplant? Ms. Jairam replied that they must consult the nephrologist as well as the cardiologist and both the doctors must be of the joint opinion that the patient is fit enough to undergo a kidney transplant. The next question was “Should we get the transplant done in any particular city or hospital?”. To this, Ms. Jairam replied that they must select a good kidney transplant hospital, close by, in their own city, that has a good track record. MOHAN Foundation is not attached to any hospital and hence does not recommend any specific hospitals. The next question asked was, “How long does the donor take to recover from the surgery” and this was answered by Mrs. Vinaya Halady. Ms. Jairam added that some doctors perform laparoscopic kidney removal, as compared to full cut surgery and this keeps the incision minimal and recovery is faster.

This workshop had 757 views on Facebook and Youtube put together, and 25 persons attended the workshop.
MOHAN Foundation is grateful to SBI Foundation, SBI Card, and Sanofi for their support in conducting these workshops.