‘Post Transplant Nutrition- After Heart and Lung Transplantation’ – a Webinar by Patient Support Group, TRIOMPH

On 15th May 2022, a webinar was conducted on the topic “Post Transplant Nutrition-After Heart and Lung Transplantation” by TRIOMPH, Patient Support Group by MOHAN Foundation, in collaboration with SBI Cards, SBI Foundation, and BNP Paribas. This session aimed at educating recipients and their caregivers on how to play an active role in ensuring their own well-being and good health post-transplant. 

Dr.AanchalMakhija, Patient Support Group Counselor of TRIOMPH, welcomed the audience and the key speaker, Dr. Pooja Lakhani, to the webinar and explained the importance of nutrition and intake of nutritious food after post-transplant.

Dr. Pooja Lakhani, Certified Nutritionist, a former clinical dietician with the ICU & Organ Transplant-1 at Apollo Hospital, Mumbai, and Founder of POSHAN Mantra shared valuable information on Post Transplant Nutrition, including –

  • balanced quantities and mix of cereals, fruits, vegetables, fats, oil, and protein that should be consumed
  • safety and hygiene habits
  • importance of staying fit by regularly exercising

Questions asked by the audience included :

  1. “Is it necessary to drink only boiled and cooled water after post-1-year transplant
  2. Is alkaline water safe after post-transplant”?
  3. “After 8 years of transplant, can we go trekking – should we have boiled or bottled water during trekking”?
  4. Can we consume coffee post-transplant? Is Lactose-free milk safe to consume?
  5. Can salads and vegetables cause infection if consumed raw?
  6. When potassium is high and chlorides are low, what should be done?
  7. Is it ok to have food in a restaurant after post-transplant?

Dr. Pooja answered all the questions patiently, to everyone’s satisfaction. There were 25 live participants on zoom and around 96 views on Youtube and 53 on Facebook.

MOHAN Foundation is thankful toMs. Pooja Lakhani and SBI Foundation, SBI Card, and BNP Paribas for supporting this series of workshops.

Source-Ms. Rashmi Shetty