Webinar on “Diabetes and Kidney Disease” conducted by MOHAN Foundation

On July 17, 2021, MOHAN Foundation in partnership with Care for Your Kidney Foundation conducted a webinar on “Kidney Diseases and Diabetes”, as part of an awareness series on ‘Prevention of kidney diseases’ initiated by both the Foundations.

Dr Hemal Kanvinde welcomed everyone and introduced the speaker Dr Vijay Verma ( MD, DM), A Consultant and Head of department of Nephrology in SLG Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Dr Verma began by explaining what diabetes is and what is diabetic kidney disease. He further shared facts such as:

  1. Kidney disease caused by diabetes usually occurs slowly over a period
  2. Not all patients suffering from diabetic kidney disease, will present with symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are also absent until the latter stage of disease

He then spoke about some of the common symptoms of diabetic kidney disease such as:

  1. frothy urine
  2. swelling of hands, face and feet
  3. fluctuating blood pressure
  4. trouble sleeping
  5. itching
  6. drowsiness

He then spoke about some of the risk factors of diabetic kidney disease of which genetic predisposition was one of the main factor.He also said that the key to control kidney disease progression is to detect early with urine test. He concluded the presentation with informing the audience about the complications and treatment of diabetic kidney disease.

Dr Hemal thanked Dr. Varma for providing much needed knowledge on the subject. She then conveyed questions from audience which Dr Varma patiently answered.

A few of the questions are shared below:

  1. What are the level of blood sugar at which the person is considered diabetic
  2. Is diabetic reversible
  3. What is your advice for all kidney recipients as they have to take steroids and steroids are known to cause diabetes?
  4. Why do some diabetes patients develop kidney disease and some don’t
  5. If Biopsy confirms idiopathic cause for example vasculitis, Any treatment to slow down the kidney failure

.This session was aired live on Facebook and YouTube. In all, 444 persons viewed the session (335 people viewed on Facebook and 109 people watched it on YouTube)

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