Webinar on “Diet, Water, and Salt Considerations – To Prevent Kidney Disease” in collaboration with Care For Your Kidneys

On 26th November 2021, a webinar was conducted on the topic “Diet, Water, and Salt Considerations- To Prevent Kidney Disease” in collaboration with Care For Your Kidneys. This session was conducted as a part of an awareness program to prevent kidney disease.

Ms. Aanchal Makhija, TRIOMPH member welcomed everyone to the webinar and explained the importance of Diet, water, and salt in daily life and how diet can prevent any kidney disease.

Dr. Satyanarayana Garre, Nephrologist at Apollo Health City Hospital, Hyderabad presented the PowerPoint and he emphasized on balanced diet and nutrition to prevent any kind of illness.

Then later, he spoke particularly about renal diet, what all should be included and what all should be excluded. He explained in detail about proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and cholesterol. He also emphasized salt intake, that no salt alternative must be used, as it contains more potassium.

In the end, he discussed water considerations- it all depends on in which climate you stay, where do you work(is it AC lounge or nor AC), how much are your physical activity and he explained the intake of water should be whenever one feels thirsty. Also, he described particularly for dialysis patients to limit their daily intake of liquids overall. Lastly, he shared some latest researches done by AIIMS.

There was a healthy question and answer session post-webinar, where people asked questions like which wheat flour is better husked or dehusked, the consumption of conservative juices or packaged juices, etc.

The webinar had around 20 live participants and 50 views so far on YouTube, 275 views on Facebook with 88 likes/comments/shares, and with 6081 reach of the post.

MOHAN foundation thanks Care For Your Kidneys and Dr. Satyanarayana Garre and all the participants for supporting and attending the webinar. 

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Source-Ms. Aanchal Makhija