Webinar on “Drug Holiday and Kidney Diseases” in collaboration with Care for Your Kidneys Foundation

On 4th March 2022, a webinar was conducted on the topic “Drug Holiday and Kidney Diseases” in collaboration with Care for Your Kidneys. This session was conducted as a part of an awareness programme to prevent kidney disease.

Dr. Hansika Parwani, Project Manager MFJCF, welcomed the audience and the key speaker, Dr. Srinayan Katari to the webinar and gave a brief explanation about the drug holiday and how it can affect the kidneys.

Dr. Srinayan Katari, Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician, Hyderabad, Telangana, gave a presentation on the topic Drug Holiday and Kidney Diseases.

He began by explaining what is a drug holiday and what are some of the reasons to take a drug holiday. He then talked about the importance of Drug holidays in patients at risk of Acute Kidney Injuries (AKIs). He also spoke in-depth about Drug Holidays in patients suffering from CKDs and Renal transplants patients.

He concluded the session by stressing the fact that patients do go on unplanned drug holidays which results in adverse health outcomes, so proper counseling of patients while prescribing medications is required. Drug holidays should be planned by one’s physician to avoid negative health outcomes.

A few noteworthy questions from the audience include:

  1.  How do patients know what symptoms to watch for Drug Holiday and when should they contact the doctor?
  2. Is it possible that medicine won’t be effective when restarted after a drug holiday?
  3. In your experience, how often do kidney patients stop medicines by themselves?
  4. Why do some nephrologists stop steroids for transplant patients while others give lifelong steroids?

Dr. Srinayan answered all the questions satisfactorily.

The webinar had around 25 live participants, around 151 views, and reach was around 733 with 53 engagements. MOHAN foundation thanks Care For Your Kidneys,  Dr. Srinayan Katari, and all the participants for supporting and attending the webinar.