Webinar on “Self Examination to Detect Nutritional Deficiencies” in partnership with Nephroplus

On 10th March 2022, on the occasion of World Kidney Day MOHAN Foundation conducted a webinar on the topic “Self Examination to Detect Nutritional Deficiencies” in collaboration with Nephroplus. This session was powered by IFKF-WKA and supported by SBI Cards and SBI Foundation.

The speaker of the event were Ms. Pooja Lakhani(Registered Dietician, Certified Nutrition and Support Clinician) and Mr. Kamal Shah (Co-founder and Director at Nephroplus, on dialysis since 1997 does daily nocturnal home hemodialysis) and the webinar is moderated by Ms. Jaya Jairam(Kidney transplant recipient).

Ms. Pooja began by explaining what exactly the Nutrition Focussed Physical Examination (NFPE) is? She shared complete nutrition-focused physical exam includes –

1)      Subcutaneous Fat loss

2)      Muscle Loss

3)      Micronutrients

4)      Fluid Accumulation

5)      Functional Status

She explained in detail about how to examine a malnourished body from subcutaneous fat loss and muscle loss identification.

Further, Mr. Kamal Shah shared that they do not impose restrictions on their dialysis patients rather; they tell them to eat generously keeping high protein intake in mind.

Ms. Pooja then spoke about the 5 common signs of malnutrition

1)      Unexplained weight loss

2)      Loss of Appetite

3)      Reduced physical capacity or functional status

4)      Loss of subcutaneous fat

5)      Loss of lean body mass or muscle mass

She also touched upon the points on how much and which protein is required for which stage of kidney disease, ranging from 0.8g per kg dry weight per day to 1.2-1.5 g per kg dry body weight per day(stage 1 to stage 5)

Ms. Jaya Jairam thanked Ms. Pooja and Nephroplus for the presentation that was simple and provided excellent information. The audience’s questions were then posted. A few of them are shared below –

  • How can we overcome malnourishment in senile and aged patients as they eat very less?
  • Can overweight person also be malnourished?
  • How much protein post transplant is required?
  • How to identify micronutrients deficiency?

This session was aired live on MOHAN Foundation & Nephroplus Facebook. In all, 846 persons viewed the session (1794 people were reached on Facebook, with 93 engagements 

Source-Dr. Aanchal Makhija