TRIOMPH Chapters

TRIOMPH works through a network of multi city chapters, across India. These chapters strive to provide support and knowledge to organ failure patients, organ recipients, their family members and caregivers on a multitude of topics and issues, within their region.

Each chapter is led by a chapter lead from the community, who will in turn be mentored by MOHAN Foundation’s experts.

The chapters will be supported by experts in the field, who have agreed to lend their time and expertise in providing their advice and counselling the member patients through online and face-to-face meetings.

Members of each chapter will provide support to the other members, through sharing of personal experiences, thereby presenting a special understanding that is gained through first-hand experience of coping with their health issue. This will serve to complement the information and guidance provided by the experts.

In addition to providing support, the chapters shall coordinate events round the year, towards enabling patient empowerment, advocacy and promoting organ donation awareness.

Chapter Leads

We are an enthusiastic team of driven individuals from the patient community. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to growing this initiative further! We encourage you to connect with us.


Jaya Jairam – Project Lead

“Armed with an engineering degree and a Post graduate in Finance, I had been working in the corporate sector for 18 years, after which I decided to join the social development sector in 2016, to work for the cause of Organ donation with MOHAN Foundation.
In the year 2010, at a very young age, I underwent a kidney transplant. My mother was the donor. The experience helped me understand the trauma of those waiting for an organ and the dilemma of taking an organ from a loved one. Since then I decided to undertake the challenging task of promoting deceased organ donation and encouraging more people to sign up for donating their organs once they die. I am thrilled to be leading this Support Group!”


Shreya Siddanagowder

“I am a recipient of bilateral upper arm transplantation. The best gift of my life came from strangers in the form of organ donation and it is this altruistic act that has given me my independence and has added so much meaning to my life. I am pursuing my bachelors in economics. It gives me immense joy to be a part of TRIOMPH, where we transplant recipients can share our stories, participate in some fun activities, create memories that will last a lifetime, and inspire each other to live each day to our fullest.”


Usha Balu

“I am an Economics graduate who was extremely passionate on pursuing my dream to become a doctor. However, destiny had other plans and I spent a good part of my life playing the role of a supportive spouse when my husband was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease. and this cruel twist of fate changed my life completely. I lost my husband to the same in the year 2018. My experience as my husband’s caregiver has motivated me to offer her services to be a part of TRIOMPH.”


Verghese K Jacob

“Having undergone two kidney transplants, in 1999 and in 2011, I am extremely grateful for the second chances and consider myself blessed. I lead an active life and strongly believe in giving back. I support several causes and I am associated with many NGOs as a Trustee. With a BTech and MBA background, I am a Management Consultant cum Social Innovator, with over 40 years of senior management experience in corporate and social sectors. I look forward to bringing in the patient perspective and social sector experiences to TRIOMPH.”


Shruti Mukundan

“I have worked as a corporate trainer for more than a decade. With this experience, I am confident that I will help add value to TRIOMPH’s mission, vision and the values that it stands for. I am an ESRD (End stage renal disease) patient and was earlier on hemodialysis for 2 years. Presently I am on peritoneal dialysis, for the better. TRIOMPH is the initiator of a new phase of my life and I am eager to contribute to it.”


Sudhir Dewan

“With decades of corporate experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and being a Liver Recipient, I feel passionate and am deeply committed to the cause of Organ Donation. I have been the heading MOHAN Foundation’s operations at Chandigarh, for over ten years and I am looking forward to furthering TRIOMPH’s objectives and activities in Chandigarh”

Wish to work with us?

In an attempt to develop a larger network of chapters, TRIOMPH seeks individuals or groups who feel passionately about helping and serving the community of organ failure patients, organ recipients and caregivers, and are willing to initiate and develop chapter activities in their respective geographical areas.

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