The Community of Organ failure patients and Transplant recipients has had no voice or locus standi

TOGETHER we can change that

You are not alone

Be Heard Strength in Unity

Be Empowered Knowledge is Power

Be the Voice

Whether you are dealing with organ failure, or on the waiting list, or recovering from a transplant surgery, or a care giver, the support you need is always just a call, click or a short drive away

  • Share your challenges
  • Speak your fears out loud
  • Exchange ideas and information
  • Celebrate every victory – big or small
  • Connect with others who know exactly what you are going through and how you are feeling

Through collective activism, we can take up issues relating to organ failure, organ donation and transplantation, so that they can be taken seriously by the society and the Government

We can work together at saving many lives by creating awareness about organ donation

“In Unity there is Strength; We can move mountains when united & enjoy life – Without unity, we are victims “

Bill Bailey